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Want to try Linux, but need easy, save, Slax Linux is the answer…

For some people, Linux still sound strange, but don’t worry I will try to explain that …

A computer or notebook consists of 2 main parts: hardware and software that mutual support, Hardware itself is part that we can touch (ex: keyboard, mouse, etc.) The computer’s software that only could we see on the monitor, well this software divided into 2, namely the operating system and external programs.

A. Intro

Linux is an operating system like brothers away Windows XP, Windows 7, but Linux is very different from Windows, now mere knowledge of windows corporation itself much mimic the style of linux because linux in terms of graphics came out ahead. but each operating system, there is less there is also strength were compared.

Slax is one of the Linux variant that was developed which has been introduced in recent years, have not heard yet stout IT world have played with slax.

Slax was chosen … Why?

1. Slax is portable (pocket)

Just imagine the total size Slax linux only 200 Megabytes of course, easy to download it.

2. Easy to install

because slax installed via the operating system windows xp/7/vista

3. Save our Documents

Peoples sometimes reluctant to try a certain specific operating system for fear of important files that exist on the computer and noebook be formatted or lost. don’t worry slax installed through the windows. save …

4. Easy to Use

Slax is an operating system that is so simple, suitable for you who want to learn about linux.

B. Slax installation (on Windows Xp)

prepare some of the following ingredients;

1. Computer or Notebook and its contents
2. 1GB flashdrive Min 1Gb
3. Slax data, please download from his official site (select that to usb):
4. Slax winrar to open files … tar, had been
5. file grub (dual boot program) is:
download ntldr.rar

okay .. not wasting time … I’ll explain both of installation .. for usb and dihardisk

1. Slax installation on Flashdrive

– Plug the flash before, but remember the recommended blank (formatted first)

– Install winrar before, if winrar already exists in your computer

– Copy Files Slax-6.1.2.tar to the flash disk, then right click/extract here

– From the extract was obtained the two folders “slax” and “boot”, open the folder “boot” and double click “bootinst.bat”

-It will show a small black screen (DOS), continue to “press anykey” or press any course, repeat need.

– finish, remove your flash save, and please set the booting via usb in your bios, slax ready to use.

2. Slax installation On Hdd (tutor Xp Only)

– Install winrar before, if winrar already exists in your computer

– Copy Files Slax-6.1.2.tar to Drive C: / (First Partition, o problem if there are windows xp), then right click/extract here

– Copy the file “ntldr” on Drive C: / (without the quotes) to Drive C: / (so auto-named “copy of ntldr”

* If not find this file then open Windows Explorer, at top of menu bar (File Edit …. Tools), choose Tools / Folder Options / view, click “show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “hide protected operating system files ( recommended) ”

– Rename files “ntldr” (no quotes) into “ntldrxp”

– Copy Files Grub (dual boot program) to drive C: / and right click extract here

– It will increase the file “ntldr”, “menu.lst”, “grub.exe”

* Menu.lst already gives a chance for slax data can be read in Drive c: / (first partition)

– Finished .., restart .. it will appear in blue boot menu to select Windows XP or Linux Slax, but still the default windows xp.

* If you want to disable Slax and want to come back just as before, log in from windows xp, delete the file “ntldr”, “menu.lst”, “grub.exe”, and rename the files “ntldrxp” to “ntldr”, if not, windows xp could not boot … and delete the folder “boot”, “Slax”, ok finish ….

finally finished this Slax hopefully useful tutorial, sorry for mistakes, keep learning …..


Special thanks to Gina Soizu who introduced me with Slax.

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