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How to Make your own PLC (Programmable Logic Control), Cheap dan Good quality


Advances in technology have now changed the way many people’s lives, which in turn will facilitate and accelerate the work. Technological developments in the field of electronics for example, with increasingly sophisticated electronic technology to simplify the human in doing something. In addition, appropriate electronics technology is also very helpful in all aspects of life.

The application of electronic devices generally require a media liaison between the single electronic device with other electronic devices, one of the media used the physical media in the form of PLC. PLC (Programmable Logic Control extension) is a tool used to replace a series of relay circuit that found in conventional process control systems. PLC works by observing the input (via associated sensors), then do the process and take action as needed, in the form of turn on or turn off the output (logic 0 or 1, alive or dead).
PLC is widely used in industrial applications, eg in the process of packing, material handling, assembly, auto and so forth. In other words, almost all applications that require electrical or electronic control that requires PLC.

But the price is very expensive PLC so that usually only the big industries that use them. Thus the author was inspired to create or assemble the PLC itself in order to get a PLC with a low price without having to pay big to get it. This assembly uses the manual are:

Artanto, Dian.2009.Merakit PLC Mikro Dengan MikroKontroller.Jakarta: Elex Media

highly recommended for beginners because it is very detailed on PIC16F877 microcontroller, the use of micro ladder, as well as burning hex him, but this book just directs microcontroller as versatile applications, now this paper only focus on the assembly of the PLC alone


Input (left), outputs (right)

* Design of micro PLC
At the micro PLC consists of several important parts to work in accordance with what we expect, part of this section which we will refer to as a module (part) that will support micro PLC for this to work, following his chart image.


PLC main part

like PLC manufacturer, is also using micro PLC ladder diagram, called “micro ladder” which has a distinctive form of ladder diagrams.



LDMIKRO can you search on google or download here have been prepared bro:
LDMIKRO (ladder diagram)

4th traffic light intersection project that I have designed can be viewed here:
code 4 simpang file ld dan hex

while the program for burning hex, the file can be obtained dsini ld

The following schematic used in this micro PLC:

Figure 1, power supply, microcontroller (minimum system), communications rs 232, input, output.

Download schematic and layout details:

note :
but all files opened by Proteus schematic only (ARES and ISIS), please search on google, because the capacity is big enough “Proteus” or try this link


interesting, download free contents here, don’t forget leave a comment :
PLC mikro lengkap

references :
Artanto, Dian.2009.Merakit PLC Mikro Dengan MikroKontroller.Jakarta: Elex Media Komputindo.
Malvino.2007.Prinsip-Prinsip Elektronika.Jakarta: Erlangga.
Melore, Phil. Your PLC Tutorial. http://www.plcs.net. Bengkulu, 2009
Team .PIC16F877A datasheet dan BC547 datasheet.www.digi-ware.com, Bengkulu, 2009
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http://www.members.aon.at/electronics/pic/picpgm/. Bengkulu, 2009
Westhues, Jonathan. Ladder Logic For PIC and AVR. http://www.cq.cx/ladder.pl. 2009

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